Loudwire Interview: Seether Talk New Album ‘Isolate and Medicate,’ Band Camaraderie + Touring

Check out the Loudwire feature interview with Seether when you get a chance. The band talks about the new album, “Words As Weapons,” and discusses life on the road.  You can read part of the interview below.  Click through to our friends at Loudwire for the rest.







Seether Talk New Album ‘Isolate and Medicate,’ Band Camaraderie + Touring

Seether recently announced that the band’s sixth studio album, ‘Isolate and Medicate,’ will arrive on July 1. And shortly after making the announcement, frontman Shaun Morgan, bassist Dale Stewart and drummer John Humphrey spoke with ‘Loudwire Nights’ host Full Metal Jackie about the new disc. Check out the chat below.

Loudwire Nights, Full Metal Jackie. On the show with us tonight, Shaun, Dale and John from Seether. How are you guys doing?

ALL: Good!

We finally have the details on Seether’s sixth album, ‘Isolate and Medicate’ coming out on July 1. The band is on tour now and we’ve heard this brand new songs ‘Words as Weapons,’ a great new tune. Guys, Seether have always been regarded for its high caliber songwriting. How has the way you go about songwriting changed over the years? What, if anything, was different about the way you wrote these new songs?

Shaun Morgan: Most of the songs come about with me tooling around in my little office/studio but this time we worked at least a third of the songs in a room together as a band. We went to Oklahoma. It was right before Christmastime, it was freezing. Who wants to be in Oklahoma right before Christmas time when it’s freezing?

Dale Stewart: Not me, because I’ll fall and crack my skull open on the floor.

SM: Yeah, Dale left a piece of his face behind in Oklahoma. Dale suffers for his art actually, but no, we just went in and jammed. We saw how it went and within a week we had written four songs that are on the album now and it was really cool. It was quick and cohesive and creative. Most of all, it was fun to do. We don’t really have a process to write, most of it is just — when we finish touring, we all go home and we take some time to decompress and then I start working, I get bored. I start writing music and just start messing around with ideas and then when I have a good collection of stuff I start sending it out. Then we start thinking about whether it’s time to start talking about recording or not.

This time the process took about 10 months from January or February of last year until I guess December. We were in the studio in January and we finished the album in about 15/16 days. It was a pretty quick painless process.

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Isolate and Medicate

Hey Guys,

Now that the countdown is over, we can finally announce that we will be releasing our next album Isolate And Medicate on July 1st!!  We can’t wait for you all to hear it, so go preorder it NOW!  In the meantime, check out our first single off the album “Words As Weapons” and make your friends listen too.  Happy May Day! – Shaun, Dale, & John












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